One very important item found in kitchens whether in the home, restaurant, canteen or other places where food is prepared and cooked is the ubiquitous kitchen knife.
It being a necessary item in food preparation, one should first be familiar with it – know its parts, types, shapes and uses. Types may vary according to uses like for example carving knife, paring knife, steak knife, chef’s knife, the utility knife or the serrated/bread knife. They also come in different shapes and sizes. For purposes of discussion, let us single out the common utility knife and briefly know its parts. First, there is the sharp pointed tip at the opposite end of the handle which is usually for cutting food into thin strips, making incisions or for carving. Then following the length of the blade we have the dorsal back of the knife known as the spine and the opposite bottom of which is the cutting edge. This may be straight cut or serrated and used to slice, cut or chop food both large or small. Then further down the blade is the heel right before the steel bolster that connects the blade to the handle. Lastly we have the handle of the knife with the rounded tip or butt and this is usually made of wood, plastic or steel material.

Speaking of functionality the most important part of the knife is the blade and its cutting edge. This is the part and the reason that knives are made of – to cut food items in preparation for cooking. Therefore it is imperative that it should remain as sharp as possible to serve its purpose.
knife sharpening
Knives are usually made of steel and steel needs to be sharpened with the use of a knife sharpener. There are different kinds of knife sharpener in the market: we have, for instance, the sharpening stone, the sharpening steel rod, the v-shaped knife sharpener and there is even an electric knife sharpener. All these types will serve its purpose, and that is to keep the knife as sharp as possible. However, the best knife sharpeners are those where steel and stone come in contact with whether manually or electrically.

Always remember that a sharp knife will make using it easier and more efficient. A sharp knife is safer to use that a dull knife because the latter may cause accidents with improper use. To avoid therefore untoward knife accidents, one should always have knives in good proper condition and maintenance by using the best knife sharpener in the market.