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Why I Need From A Good Juicer

Choosing the perfect juicer can be mystifying. With several designs, brands, types and prices, it ‘s hard to know a starting point. I have been using various brands of juicers, but out of all, in my opinion, Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer is the best masticating juicer I’ve used. The following reasons have made me regard it as my favorite juicer as compared to other brands:

making juicer

Faster and powerful

Because of a high motor capacity of 800w, my work is made simple. Due to its versatility, I can throw anything at it- including hard vegetables such as apples and carrots and they all go through at a decent swiftness. Similarly, it has an extensive surface and can fit on most things without necessarily cutting, hence saves much of my time.

Quick to clean

The juicer works perfectly with me when I am cleaning it. I can easily dismantle and break it into few parts to wash. It takes me a minimal time of about 2-4 minutes to clean my juicer thoroughly. Also, it comes out with a particular brush for cleaning the blades and the baskets.


The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth is not that much expensive. It is economical and can be obtained at a discounted price. Apart from being, cheap, you are given a full warranty of one year. It that not amazing?

Varied styles

The juicer is available in several styles; this feature enables me to select the best style that suits my personality and space of the room. Do you see as the best feature? Yes, of course, the three basic forms are:

Hamilton beach big mouth coated with stainless steel to prevent it from rusting
Hamilton beach big mouth pro furnished with a black matte, die -cast metallic lock up clips and commercial grade off/on switches.
Hamilton beaches big mouth juicer available in white color and is precisely stylish and classic.

If you need to achieve the best performance from masticating juicer and unbeatable looks, the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer is the most ideal and perfect choice for you.

Masticating Juicer is the Best Juicer To Own

I too thought all juicers are alike until my daughter became a nutritionist. She gave me long lectures on how I am wasting my money using conventional juicers for getting fruit and vegetable juices. I don’t know if it is true or not, but one reason I was keen on getting a masticating juicer was to drink wheatgrass juice. The mechanism of conventional juicers is different from the mechanism of masticating juicers. Conventional juicers do not squeeze out the vitamins in the fruit, grain, or vegetables. Unlike them, masticating juicer presses the pulp with augur.

The Omega J8006 Masticating Juicer

My daughter suggested I buy the Omega j8006 masticating juicer. Unlike the manual juicer I wanted for extracting wheatgrass juice, this masticating juicer is motorized and requires power supply. Though it looks like a tortoise holding up an umbrella on its head, it has the best masticating juicers reviews and is a welcome addition to my kitchen because it does much more than merely serve as a masticating juicer. I am now able to grind my coffee seeds in it, and also other spices. I mince nut butters in it and also use it for mincing herbs. There is arrangement for extruding pasta as well. Obviously, this is a better choice when compared to conventional juicers, which require minimum quantity of fruits, vegetables, etc. As for wheatgrass, we’re getting maximum nutrition.

But I cannot deny that I found Breville BJS600XL more to my taste. For starters it does not have a part that protrudes oddly. Therefore, it can be easily accommodated in the kitchen. But my daughter was against me purchasing that masticating juicer.She said mama, that can only be used for making juices, whereas Omega juicer can be used for many other purposes. Both the juicers had similar prices, so I could not disagree with my daughter’s contention. In the end, it is the versatile usage possible of Omega juicer that tilted the balance in its favor.

Ultimate types of Espresso Machines

Espresso machines are designed to produce rich and concentrated brews in a professional manner. You can find different types and categories of espresso machines for your kitchen and to help you in this regard, I have thoroughly reviewed and discussed the best available options online. In order to save money and reduce the cost of preparing daily brews and coffee, you can surely select one of the following described best espresso machines.If you are really passionate about your espresso shots, you can read full espresso machine reviews at bisuzscoffee.

Coffee is considered as the most energetic drink which is suitable for all sorts of people. Buying a home espresso machine can let you save a huge fortune by which you can prepare coffee as per your own ingredients.

Categories of Espresso machines

There are three main categories of espresso machines known as super automatic, semi-automatic and traditional. A traditional espresso machine operates in the same way as you see in most of the coffee shops. There is no need for any professional skills and techniques to prepare the perfect coffee in your home. No matter what form of coffee you want to brew, there is no difficult to follow procedure as you can adjust the parts on your own. Just learn how to operate the manual controls and enjoy the perfect drink at your home.

What you must look for when buying an espresso machine?

When you want to purchase a commercial grade espresso machine, make sure it can let you prepare high quality cappuccino and coffee. At first, you must overview your budget and how often do you have to drink coffee. All of us do not drink coffee on daily basis for which purchasing an expensive commercial grade machine is not suitable. Focus on the ingredients you will be needing and follow the procedure as explained in the owner’s manual. In case you are not able to operate the machine properly, an advice from your friends or family might be helpful.

Overview the counter space you have in your kitchen and select the machines which best fit in the place. Super automatic machines are bigger and need sufficient area to operate properly. Furthermore, decide the amount which you will be spending on an espresso machine. There are different types and categories of machines available in several ranges for which you need to properly research.


Buying an espresso machine can become a difficult task if you are unaware about the above explained factors. There are different types and categories which need to be overviewed so that you can prepare delicious coffee at your own place. Whether you want automatic, semi-automatic and traditional espresso machine, there are several options to select from. Furthermore, you can study customer reviews in detail and select the product which best suits your coffee habits.

The Right Cat Litter Box

When we adopted two sister kittens we were ecstatic! We purchased the best brand name kitten food, got plenty of toys, one litter box and a large container of litter. With time, I realized what was essential for our cats and what we wasted our money on. One lesson that I learned was that it is extremely important to choose the right litter pan. I started our kittens with a basic pan that had no side shields. This was a huge mistake as our kittens would scatter the litter all over the floor creating a nice size pile for me to step on. I didn’t want to purchase a larger container that was closed off assuming that the kittens would not want to use it or know how to get inside. Needless to say, I was vacuuming their room every single day.

Once our cats were around a year old, I decided to get another litter box. This time I choose a cat litter pan with side shields. The pan shields were around four or five inches tall and helped control the litter splatter a bit. The kittens also decided to use one box for “number one” and the other box for “number two” which made cleaning a litter easier.

Three years ago we moved to a new house and I decided it was time to change both of the litter boxes. Since the cats were older and taller, I decided to look for a litter pan that had a higher shield so that virtually no litter would escape the box. After hours of looking I decided on the IRIS open top with shield litter box. Unlike the other box, this one is around 12 inches tall with the side shield attachment. I placed one of the litter boxes in the upstairs restroom and the second one in the downstairs bathroom. This ensures that the cats have a place to do their business and my guests and I don’t have to step on any litter.

When you become a cat parent, over time you learn what works best for you and your pets.


Best Litter Box

Cleaning the Litter Box: How Often is Best?

The Kitchen Knife and How To Maintain It With a Knife Sharpener

One very important item found in kitchens whether in the home, restaurant, canteen or other places where food is prepared and cooked is the ubiquitous kitchen knife.
It being a necessary item in food preparation, one should first be familiar with it – know its parts, types, shapes and uses. Types may vary according to uses like for example carving knife, paring knife, steak knife, chef’s knife, the utility knife or the serrated/bread knife. They also come in different shapes and sizes. For purposes of discussion, let us single out the common utility knife and briefly know its parts. First, there is the sharp pointed tip at the opposite end of the handle which is usually for cutting food into thin strips, making incisions or for carving. Then following the length of the blade we have the dorsal back of the knife known as the spine and the opposite bottom of which is the cutting edge. This may be straight cut or serrated and used to slice, cut or chop food both large or small. Then further down the blade is the heel right before the steel bolster that connects the blade to the handle. Lastly we have the handle of the knife with the rounded tip or butt and this is usually made of wood, plastic or steel material.

Speaking of functionality the most important part of the knife is the blade and its cutting edge. This is the part and the reason that knives are made of – to cut food items in preparation for cooking. Therefore it is imperative that it should remain as sharp as possible to serve its purpose.
knife sharpening
Knives are usually made of steel and steel needs to be sharpened with the use of a knife sharpener. There are different kinds of knife sharpener in the market: we have, for instance, the sharpening stone, the sharpening steel rod, the v-shaped knife sharpener and there is even an electric knife sharpener. All these types will serve its purpose, and that is to keep the knife as sharp as possible. However, the best knife sharpeners are those where steel and stone come in contact with whether manually or electrically.

Always remember that a sharp knife will make using it easier and more efficient. A sharp knife is safer to use that a dull knife because the latter may cause accidents with improper use. To avoid therefore untoward knife accidents, one should always have knives in good proper condition and maintenance by using the best knife sharpener in the market.

Good Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

The process of buying a good set of stainless steel pots and pans can be overwhelming. There are a ridiculous number of brands and models available; the choices can be overwhelming! A search for stainless steel pots and pans on Amazon resulted in 11,679 products. I have done the leg work, narrowed down the choices, and feel confident in any of the following:

stainless steel cookware

Cooks Standard NC-00391 11-Piece Classic Stainless-Steel Cookware Set ($130.98 on Amazon)
This set is very visually appealing. They have glass lids which makes it easier to monitor foods during cooking. However, these lids don’t fit as tightly as I would have liked; steam escapes from the sides of the lids as well as the vent hole on top. The handle stays cool during stovetop cooking, which is nice for an accident prone gal like myself! They are oven safe up to 500 degrees. This is a solid set for the investment.

Guy Fieri Stainless Steel 10 pc ($141.98 on Amazon)
This is a great set of cookware for a reasonable investment ($141 on Amazon). These pans heat up very quickly. However, the heat does not get evenly distributed throughout the pans resulting in uneven cooking. Even so, they would be suitable for most jobs. These handles also stay cool during cooking. Pans are oven safe to 500 Degrees.

Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set ($224.95 on Amazon)
This is the only of the three with Triple Ply Construction and it is the best cookware for induction cooktop. Triple-Ply consists of a layer of aluminum in-between two layers of stainless steel. The theory is this maximizes heat retention and evens the distribution of heat, eliminating hot spots. And I do find this set to be the superior in that regard. The Rims are tapered allowing for easier pouring and avoiding messy drips! I don’t care for the stainless steel lids; I much prefer glass lids so I can see my food. But this is the only complaint I have.

There is no perfect set of cookware. But these sets are durable and will yield solid results. I hope this review has helped narrow your choices and created a more pleasant buying experience.

Rice Cooker For You Too!

rice cookerSo you’ve been looking around for a good rice cooker and my guess is that you landed here by Googling something close to “rice cooker review”…right? Well, you can thank your lucky stars today because I’m going to let you in on a secret about rice cookers. See, no matter what you read or hear, all rice cookers operate almost on the same principle. That goes for both entry level and high end rice cookers. The formula is put in as much rice as you require (or as much as your rice cooker can swallow at a go…), pour in enough water and switch it on and wait.

The major differences in rice cookers generally fall under the capacity, design and color, make (company), and may be whether the thing is just electric or if it’s programmable, period. After going through several rice cookers in my lifetime, I can recommend a few quality rice cookers based on performance and features; the construction, capacity, price and cooking technology notwithstanding. You will probably want a rice cooker that can double up as a steamer for obvious reasons.

Panasonic has been around for a long time and most of their appliances have been reliable and have served us well. Their rice cookers also come with the same quality and one particular model – the SR-DE103 – has served me extremely for years. This baby does everything; brown, white or sticky rice; cakes, porridge, stew or soups, it really does it all for me. It comes with “fuzzy logic” technology.

Although I had to replace it with a Zojiroshi rice cooker a few months back, the Panasonic rice cooker continues to prepare excellent rice servings. The switch was entirely on “personal” issues and not performance (ok, my wife thought we’d had the rice cooker for a long time… but I suspect one of her friends talked her into it!). I went for the Zojiroshi (NS-ZCC10) because it has the same capacity (approximately 5 cups) but gives a totally different experience with its “neuro-fuzzy logic” technology. I have to admit, I was sucker for the music it plays when your food is ready!

I hope this will help you choose a rice cooker for your kitchen. There are several other nice rice cookers out there but these two have been tried and tested by me so I can personally vouch for them and I highly recommend them to anyone.